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Who Better Detects Breast Cancer on Ultrasound Exams: AI or Radiologists? Both.

A combination of radiologists and AI reduced overdiagnosis and more accurately identified breast cancer in ultrasound exams.

In a new study on ultrasound screening for breast cancer, a “hybrid” of radiologists and a deep learning algorithm has yielded a lower biopsy rate and higher accuracy than that achieved by either the human experts or the artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm alone.

The findings, which have not been peer reviewed, echo the results of a 2019 study of mammography exams and strengthen the case that machine learning has the potential to help radiologists more accurately diagnose the most common malignancy among women. But before collaborations between radiologists and AI can benefit patients, the technology has to become more transparent.

To learn more about the study and how researchers are trying to bring algorithms and people together, open the visual story in full screen or view the embedded version below.

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