Our mission is to improve human health through imaging.

CAI2R research is primarily focused on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

We also explore positron emission tomography (PET), computed tomography (CT), and ultrasound (US), alone or in combination with MRI.

Faster, More Informative Imaging

MRI is an invaluable asset in biomedicine and healthcare but still has significant unrealized potential. The MR imaging process too often requires technicians to manage intricate scan protocols, burdens patients with having to keep still during long exams, and inundates radiologists with data that need sophisticated qualitative interpretation.

We envision a fast, intelligent imaging paradigm in which self-calibrating scan protocols, multimodal sensors, and flexible hardware deliver richly informative and actionable health data.

Translational Research Teams

Biomedical imaging lies at the intersection of physics, engineering, computer science, and medicine. At this juncture only broadly interdisciplinary teams can successfully innovate. Our Center brings together basic scientists, engineers, medical researchers, and clinicians whose unique skills, when combined, can push the field forward.

We value collaboration and favor working in “matrixed” functional clusters rather than conventional silos defined by individual investigators. Learn more about our culture and expertise.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

CAI2R is headquartered at 660 First Avenue in Manhattan. Our main location hosts imaging research laboratories alongside an outpatient imaging clinic as well as offices of CAI2R scientists, clinical radiologists, and NYU Langone’s radiology department leadership.

A significant number of our faculty, trainees, and staff are located at NYU Langone’s Translational Science Building at 227 East 30 Street.

Shared infrastructure brings together medical and scientific personnel, creating ideal conditions for translational research.

Our Center generously invests in common resources, such as a radiofrequency (RF) engineering core, high-performance computing clusters, and radiochemistry laboratories.

CAI2R scientists also benefit from access to NYU Langone’s scientific cores, vibrant research environment at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, and connection to New York University’s vast research ecosystem.

CAI2R facilities map.
CAI2R laboratories are colocated with the headquarters of NYU Langone’s Department of Radiology, which operates our center (marked with an orange dot). A broader clinical-research ecosystem guarantees access to extensive research facilities and interdisciplinary expertise.