Our research explores faster, more intelligent, more informative imaging.

CAI2R develops novel hardware, software, and methods for image acquisition, reconstruction, and analysis.

Our most mature products are available on clinical MRI scanners worldwide and our emergent innovations help advance active scientific investigations in biomedicine.

Four Steps toward Next-Generation Imaging

CAI2R pursues innovation in four areas:

  • Fast, intelligent acquisition, reconstruction, and analysis of imaging data
  • Self-calibrating image acquisition methods and flexible hardware
  • Complementing magnetic resonance (MR) data with information gathered simultaneously through positron emission tomography (PET) and novel sensing strategies
  • Obtaining cellular-level information from MR signal

Learn about our Technology R&D Projects, also known as TR&Ds.

Collaboration at Every Stage of Development

Our unique collaborative model significantly shortens the timeline for bringing innovations to the clinic.

Collaborative Projects grant elite investigators early access to our most vanguard technologies in order to advance their ongoing studies. These investigations serve as test beds that generate rapid, iterative development cycles for our innovations.

A Force Multiplier for Biomedical Research

We make our mature technologies available to sophisticated research teams through Service Projects. In Service Projects, scientists use our unique capabilities to further their studies with minimal CAI2R support.

Our Center offers open source and open data downloads for imaging research. We share reconstruction code, image analysis software, radiofrequency (RF) and dielectric tools, specialized hardware, deidentified image datasets for machine learning research, and open-source frameworks for management of translational studies.