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i2i workshop: October 18-19, 2018, New York City.

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This fall, experts from academia, industry, and tech will again come together in New York to share what's new and what's next for biomedical imaging. Join us to discuss latest breakthroughs in visionary hardware, and to learn about paradigm-shifting technologies in imaging software, image-guided therapy, and image analysis.

Registration is now open.

Admission to scientific sessions: $50.
Admission to opening-night dinner: $50.
Admission to closing-night cocktails: $50.

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Day 1 Thursday, October 18, 2018   Jump to Day 2  
Venue Farkas Auditorium, NYU School of Medicine
7:45-8:30 a.m. Registration and breakfast
8:30-8:40 a.m. Introduction
• Riccardo Lattanzi, PhD (NYU)
8:40-8:50 a.m. Welcome
Session 1 Plenary presentation
8:50-9:30 a.m. How technology is shaping the future of medicine: the engineering perspective
• Roderic Pettigrew, MD, PhD (EnHealth, Texas A&M)
Session 2 Reimagining MR scanners: compact, light, affordable MRI
Moderator: Daniel Sodickson, MD, PhD
9:30-9:55 a.m. Compact 3T brain scanner
• Tom Foo, PhD (GE)
9:55-10:20 a.m. Innovative and efficient MSK open scanner
• Joe Li, PhD (Jiangsu Magspin Instrument Co., Ltd.)
10:20-10:45 a.m. Low-cost "purpose-built" MRI systems for brain imaging
• Clarissa Cooley, PhD (Harvard, MGH Martinos Center)
10:45-11:00 a.m. Proffered talk: TBD
11:00-11:15 a.m. Coffee break
Session 3 Beyond MRI: integrated multi-sensor imaging
Moderator: Fernando Boada, PhD
11:15-11:40 a.m. Hybrid MRI-ultrasound acquisitions
• Bruno Madore, PhD (Harvard, Brigham and Women's Hospital)
11:40 a.m.-12:05 p.m. MR-based motion correction in PET
• Thomas Vahle, PhD (Siemens Healthineers)
12:05-12:30 p.m. Active markers for real-time motion correction
• Melvyn Ooi, PhD (Philips Healthcare)
12:30-12:45 p.m. Proffered talk: TBD
12:45-1:45 p.m. Lunch and poster viewing
Session 4 Seeing the invisible: imaging tissue microstructure
Moderator: Dmitry Novikov, PhD
1:45-2:15 p.m. Keynote: Tissue microstructure and CNS function: a biology perspective
• Forrest Collman, PhD (Allen Institute)
2:15-2:40 p.m. Structural and functional characterization of neural tissue
• Claudia Wheeler-Kingshott, PhD (University College London)
2:40-3:05 p.m. Diffusion MRI to assess brain microstructure
• Els Fieremans, PhD (NYU)
3:05-3:30 p.m.
What can we learn about human brain cellular structure from quantitative gradient echo MRI?
• Dmitriy Yablonskiy, PhD (Washington University in St. Louis)
3:30-3:45 p.m. Proffered talk: TBD
Session 5 Poster Session
Moderator: Riccardo Lattanzi, PhD
3:45-4:30 p.m. Power pitch session
4:30-6:00 p.m. Poster viewing with drinks and refreshments
  Dinner reception
6:30-10:00 p.m. Details coming soon
Venue The Water Club
East River at 30th Street
New York, NY 10016
Day 2 Friday, October 19, 2018   Jump to Day 1  
Venue Farkas Auditorium, NYU School of Medicine
8:15-9:00 a.m. Breakfast
Session 6 Plenary presentation
9:00-9:40 a.m. How technology is shaping the future of medicine: the information technology perspective
• Alok Gupta, PhD, MBA (IBM Watson Health)
Session 7 Maximum overdrive: the AI revolution
Moderator: Florian Knoll, PhD
9:40-10:05 a.m. Collect, organize, activate: bringing AI innovations to healthcare
• Joëlle Barral, PhD (Verily, formerly Google Life Sciences)
10:05-10:30 a.m. The role of AI in clinical imaging (provisional title)
• Yvonne Lui, MD (NYU)
10:30-10:55 a.m. Learning clinically useful information from medical images
• Daniel Rueckert, PhD (Imperial College London)
10:55-11:10 a.m. Proffered talk: TBD
11:10-11:25 a.m. Coffee break
Session 8 Rethinking RF coils
Moderator: Ryan Brown, PhD
11:25-11:50 a.m. MRI coil technology: past, present, and future
• Fraser Robb, PhD (GE)
11:50 a.m.-12:15 p.m. High-impedance coils
• Bei Zhang, PhD (NYU)
12:15-12:40 p.m. Screen-printed flexible MRI coils
• Ana Arias, PhD (UC Berkeley)
12:40-1:05 p.m. RF coils with integrated high-permittivity material
• Christopher Collins, PhD (NYU)
1:05-1:20 p.m. Proffered talk: TBD
1:20-2:30 p.m. Lunch and poster viewing
Session 9 Beyond diagnostics: MR-guided therapy
Moderator: Tobias Block, PhD
2:30-2:55 p.m. Treating and stimulating the brain with MR-guided focused ultrasound
• William Grissom, PhD (Vanderbilt)
2:55-3:20 p.m. MRI-guided interventional oncology
• Elena Kaye, PhD (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center)
3:20-3:45 p.m. MR-guided radiotherapy
• Rob Tijssen, DPhil (UMC Utrecht)
3:45-4:00 p.m. Proffered talk: TBD
Session 10 Wrap up
4:00-4:30 p.m. Summary of take-home messages
• Fernando Boada, PhD (NYU)
Poster awards
• Riccardo Lattanzi, PhD (NYU)
Closing remarks
• Daniel Sodickson, MD, PhD (NYU)
  Cocktail reception
6:00-8:30 p.m.
Cocktail reception with open bar and hors d’oeuvres
Venue Intrepid Sea, Air,and & Space Museum
VIP Room and Fantail
Pier 86, West 46th Street at 12th Avenue
New York, NY 10036

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