A New Vision for Transformative
Imaging Research

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•  A new paradigm of continuous image acquisition

•  Flexible cross-modality image reconstruction


• New York’s first integrated human MR-PET system

•  New York’s first 7 Tesla human MR system

Equipment and Facilities

Transforming Cutting-Edge Technology
into Clinical Reality

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•  Early engagement of clinicians and industry partners

•  Clinical and research operations shared space

•  3 core areas of high public-health impact:
      cancer, musculoskeletal, and neurologic disease


•  70+ basic research staff, 30+ clinical collaborators

•  Onsite industry partners & frequent collaborative visits

•  Ten founding partner clinical departments

•  Multidisciplinary research programs


•  Integrated Graduate Program on Biomedical Imaging

•  Hands-on educational offerings in RF engineering

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Center for Advanced Imaging Innovation and Research
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