Honor Roll Research Brief

Diffusion MRI Study of Concussion Distinguished by AJNR

A multicompartment diffusion MRI analysis of football athletes adds to the body of evidence linking concussion and repeated head impacts to changes in the corpus callosum.

Lab Talk

Mariana Lazar on Subcortical Iron, Scientific Family, and Not Waiting until You Feel Ready

Mariana Lazar, medical imaging researcher who investigates psychiatric disorders, talks about recent findings, mentoring students, and learning by doing.

Research Brief Visual Story

A New Way to Image Myelin

Scientists combine particle physics and neuroscience to visualize a key element of the nervous system.

Research Brief

MRI Detects Variations in Diameters of Axons

Scientists at NYU Langone Health show that MRI signal can detect axonal features long assumed to lie beyond the reach of magnetic resonance imaging.