Yarra: A Toolbox for Processing Raw Data

A platform for clinical translation of novel MRI reconstructions, raw data management, and imaging workflow analysis.

We are sharing the Yarra framework, a suite of open-source software that facilitates evaluation and clinical translation of novel MRI reconstruction techniques.

Over the last decade, imaging scientists have proposed many promising reconstruction-based techniques for accelerating or enhancing MRI scans, including compressed-sensing, MR-fingerprinting, or deep-learning-type methods. However, algorithmic complexity and significant computational demand make the implementation of such algorithms on existing clinical MRI hardware highly challenging and oftentimes infeasible for researchers. As consequence, only few of these approaches have found their way into clinical practice.

The Yarra Framework is an open-source toolbox intended to bridge this gap and facilitate rapid clinical translation of advanced MRI reconstruction techniques. It comprises a set of tools that can be used either together or independently if only certain functionality is needed. Currently, support is limited to Siemens MRI systems.

Overview of the Yarra framework [7 min] via YouTube.

Yarra is documented and maintained at


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