A non-uniform fast Fourier transform with Kaiser-Bessel gridding for machine learning applications in PyTorch.

We are sharing a high-level PyTorch package for performing non-uniform fast Fourier transforms (NUFFTs) in machine learning. The software can be installed with a single command line on any system that already runs PyTorch.

NUFFTs are essential to reconstruction of MRI data acquired with non-Cartesian sampling trajectories. By relying on PyTorch as a back end, TorchKBNufft offers NUFFT functionality that can scale with frameworks developed by the machine learning community.

Related Publication

Muckley MJ, Stern R, Murrell T, Knoll F.
TorchKbNufft: A High-Level, Hardware-Agnostic Non-Uniform Fast Fourier Transform.
ISMRM Workshop on Data Sampling & Image Reconstruction, 2020.

Please cite this work if you are using TorchKBNufft in your research.


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