Mercure DICOM Orchestrator

A platform for integrating algorithms, AI models, and post-processing tools into clinical practice.

We are sharing Mercure, a flexible open-source DICOM orchestration platform.

The platform can be used for dispatching DICOM studies to different targets based on easily definable routing rules and for processing DICOM series with custom-developed algorithms, such as inference of AI models for medical imaging. Processing algorithms can either be executed directly on a Mercure server as Docker containers or can be executed on connected cluster nodes, which may be located on premise or run as cloud instances. Implemented processing modules can be shared via Docker Hub.

Mercure offers an intuitive web-based user interface and extensive monitoring options, making the software suitable for routine applications that require high availability.

Watch the video overview below to learn more about Mercure capabilities, interface, and codebase.

Overview of Mercure DICOM orchestrator [28 min] via YouTube.

The software is documented and maintained at


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