BirdcageBuilder Mobile

A radio-frequency coil inductance and capacitor calculator for Android.

We are making available an Android version of BirdcageBuilder.

[For a new, open-source, web-based version of BirdcageBuilder, see Open BirdcageBuilder.]

Birdcage radio-frequency (RF) coils are resonant circuits that operate with a specific current pattern at particular frequencies and are tuned by choosing the proper capacitor values.

BirdcageBuilder Mobile offers an interface for determining mutual inductances and capacitors needed to make a coil resonate at a particular frequency, given the coil’s geometric properties such as the length and number of legs, cross-sectional shape of legs and end-rings, and the radii of the coil and shield.

Screenshot of BuirdcageBuilder interface on an Android device.
A screenshot of BirdcageBuilder interface on an Android device.

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On Android 2.0 and higher:

  1. Download or copy the .apk file to local storage.
  2. Navigate to the .apk file. On some devices, a file manager app may be helpful in navigating through the phone’s file structure; Many highly-rated file manager apps are available on Google Play Store.
  3. Tap on the .apk file and follow prompt to install.
  4. The application is now available in the phone app list.


Questions about this resource may be directed to Giuseppe Carluccio, PhD.

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