Tiejun Zhao

Tiejun Zhao, PhD
Staff Scientist, Siemens Healthcare
4th Floor 660 First Avenue New York, NY 10016
Educational Details: 

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA              1999-2004

Ph.D. in Polymer Science (Minor: Physics)

Zhejiang University, HangZhou, China                        1996-1999

M.S. in Polymer Science & Engineering

Sichuan Union University, Chengdu, China                 1992-1996

B.S. in Polymer Materials

Research Interest: 

MRI imaging

Selected Publications: 
  1. Chan Hong Moon, Alessandro Furlan, Jung-Hwan Kim, Tiejun Zhao, Ron Shapiro, Kyongtae Ty Bae; “Quantitative sodium MR imaging of native versus transplanted kidneys using a dual-tuned proton/sodium ((1)H/ (23)Na) coil: initial experience” European Radiology, 2014, 24(6), 1320-1326.
  2. Narayanan Krishnamurthy, Tiejun Zhao, Tamer S. Ibrahim; “Effects of receive-only inserts on specific absorption rate, B1+ field, and Tx coil performance” Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2014, 39(2), 475-484.
  3. Tae Kim, Wanyong Shim, Tiejun Zhao, Erik B. Beall, Mark J. Lowe, Kyongtae T. Bae; “Whole brain perfusion measurements using arterial spin labeling with multiband acquisition” Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2013, 70(6), 1653-1661.
  4. Hai Zheng, Tiejun Zhao, Yongxian Qian, Claudiu Schirda, Tamer S. Ibrahim, Fernando E. Boada; “Multi-slice parallel transmission three-dimensional tailored RF (PTX 3DTRF) pulse design for signal recovery in ultra-high field functional MRI” Journal of Magnetic Resonance; 2013, 228, 37-44.
  5. Chan Hong Moon, Jung-Hwan Kim, Tiejun Zhao, “Quantitative 23Na MRI of human knee cartilage using dual-tuned 1H/23Na transceiver array radiofrequency coil at 7 tesla” Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2013, 38(5), 1063-1072.
  6. Hai Zheng, Tiejun Zhao, Yongxian Qian, Tamer Ibrahim, Fernando Boada; “Parallel transmission RF pulse design for eddy current correction at ultra-high field” Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 221, 2012, 139-146.
  7. Yongxian Qian, Tiejun Zhao, Graham C. Wiggins, Lawrence L. Wald, Hai Zheng, Jonathan Weimer, Fernando E. Boada; “Sodium imaging of human brain at 7 T with 15-channel array coil” Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2012, 68(6), 1807-1814.
  8. Sung-Hong Park, Tiejun Zhao, Jung-Hwan Kim, Fernando E. Boada, Kyongtae Ty Bae; “Suppression of effects of gradient imperfections on imaging with alternate ascending/descending directional navigation” Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2012, 68(5), 1600-1606.
  9. Yongxian Qian, Tiejun Zhao, Hai Zheng, Jonathan Weimer, Fernando E. Boada; “High-resolution sodium imaging of human brain at 7 T” Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2012, 68(1), 227-233.
  10. Jung-Hwan Kim, Chang Hong Moon, Bum-Woo Park, Alessandro Furlan, Tiejun Zhao, Kyongtae T. Bae; “Multichannel transceiver dual-tuned RF coil for proton/sodium MR imaging of knee cartilage at 3 T” Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2012, 30(4), 562-571.
  11. Chang Hong Moon, Jung-Hwan Kim, Lloydine Jacobs, Tiejun Zhao, Gwendolyn Sowa, Nam Vo, James Kang, Kyongtae Ty Bae. “Part 1: dual-tuned proton/sodium magnetic resonance imaging of the lumbar spine in a rabbit model” Spine 2012, 37, 1106–1112.
  12. Kwan-Jin Jung, Tiejun Zhao; “Parallel imaging with asymmetric acceleration to reduce Gibbs artifacts and to increase signal-to-noise ratio of the gradient echo echo-planar imaging sequence for functional MRI” Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2011, 67(2), 419-427.
  13. Hai Zheng, Tiejun Zhao, Yongxian Qian, Tamer S. Ibrahim, Fernando E. Boada; “Improved large tip angle parallel transmission pulse design through a perturbation analysis of the bloch equation” Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2011, 66(3), 687-696.
  14. Victor E. Yushmanov, Alexander Kharlamov, Tamer S. Ibrahim, Tiejun Zhao, Fernando E. Boada, Stephen C. Jones; “K+ dynamics in ischemic rat brain in vivo by 87Rb MRI at 7 T” NMR In Biomedicine, 2011, 24(7), 778-783.
  15. Lixia Wei, Shunyi Li, Jianhua Yang, Yiming Ye, Jin Zou, Liya Wang, Robert Long, Omar Zurkiya, Tiejun Zhao, Julian Johnson, Jingjuan Qiao, Wangda Zhou, Adriana Castiblanco, Natalie Maor, Yanyi Chen, Hui Mao, Xiaoping Hu, Jenny J. Yang, Zhi-Ren Liu; “Protein-Based MRI contrast agaents for molecular imaging of prostate cancer” Molecular Imaging and Biology, 2011, 13(3), 416-423.
  16. Kwan-Jin Jung, Hua Peng, Tiejun Zhao, Galia Avidan, Marlene Behrmann; “Recovery of signal loss due to an in-plane susceptibility gradient in the gradient echo EPI through acquisition of extended phase-encoding lines” Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2010, 28(6), 777-783.
  17. Yongxian Qian, Tiejun Zhao, Yik-Kiong Hue, Tamer S. Ibrahim, Fernando E. Boada; “High-resolution spiral imaging on a whole-body 7T scanner with minimized image blurring” Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2010, 63(3), 543-552.
  18. Kyongtae Ty Bae, Sung-Hong Park, Chan-Hong Moon, Jung-Hwan Kim, Diana Kaya, Tiejun Zhao; “Dual-echo arteriovenography imaging with 7T MRI” Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2010, 31(1), 255-261.
  19. Fuqiang Zhao, Tiejun Zhao, Lei Zhou, Qiulin Wu, Xiaoping Hu; “BOLD study of stimulation-induced neural activity and resting-state connectivity in medetomidine-sedated rat” NeuroImage, 2008, 39(1), 248-260.
  20. James K Rilling, Matthew F Glasser, Todd M Preuss, Xiangyang Ma, Tiejun Zhao, Xiaoping Hu, Timothy E J Behrens; “The evolution of the arcuate fasciculus revealed with comparative DTI” Nature Neuroscience, 2008, 11, 426-428.
  21. Roger Nana, Tiejun Zhao, Xiaoping Hu; “Single-shot multiecho parallel echo-planar imaging (EPI) for diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) with improved signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and reduced distortion” Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2008, 60(6), 1512-1517.
  22. Roger Nana, Tiejun Zhao, Keith Heberlein, Stephen M. LaConte, Xiaoping Hu; “Cross-validation-based kernel support selection for improved GRAPPA reconstruction” Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2008, 59(4), 819-825.
  23. Tiejun Zhao, and Xiaoping Hu; “Iterative GRAPPA (iGRAPPA) for Improved Parallel Imaging Reconstruction” Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2008, 59(4), 903-907.
  24. Tiejun Zhao, Keith Heberlein, Carolyn Jonas and Xiaoping Hu; “A New Localized Double Quantum Coherence Filter for the in Vivo Detection of Glutathione (GSH)” Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2006, 55(3), 676-680.
  25. Tiejun Zhao, Haskell W. Beckham, Holly L. Ricks and Uwe H.F. Bunz; “Self-Diffusion of Poly(p-phenyleneethynylene)s in Dilute Solution Determined by Pulsed-Field-Gradient NMR” Polymer 2005, 46, 4839-4844.
  26. Tom E. Girardeau, Tiejun Zhao, Johannes Leisen, Haskell W. Beckham and David G. Bucknall; “Solid Inclusion complexes of a-cyclodextrin and perdeuterated poly(oxyethylene)” Macromolecules 2005, 38(6), 2261-2270.
  27. Tiejun Zhao and Haskell W. Beckham; “Direct Synthesis of Cyclodextrin-Rotaxanated Poly(ethylene glycol)s and their Self-Diffusion Behavior in Dilute Solution” Macromolecules 2003, 36(26), 9859-9865.
  28. Swati Singla, Tiejun Zhao and Haskell W. Beckham; “Purification of Cyclic Polymers Prepared from Linear Precursors by Inclusion Complexation of Linear Byproducts with Cyclodextrins” Macromolecules 2003, 36(18), 6945-6948.
  29. Tiejun Zhao, Haskell W. Beckham and Harry W. Gibson; “Quantitative Determination of Threading in Rotaxanated Polymers by Diffusion-Ordered NMR Spectroscopy” Macromolecules 2003, 36(13), 4833-4837.
  30. Qiang Zheng, Mao Peng, Yihu Song and Tiejun Zhao; “Use of WLF-like Function for Describing the Nonlinear Phase Separation Behavior of Binary Polymer Blends” Macromolecules 2001, 34(24), 8483-8489.
  31. Wei Dafu, Tiejun Zhao and Xiao-Su Yi; “Resistivity-volume expansion characteristics of carbon-black-loaded polyethylene” Journal of Applied Polymer Science 2000, 77(1), 53-58.


Philanthropic Support

We gratefully acknowledge generous support for radiology research at NYU Langone Health from:
• The Big George Foundation
• Raymond and Beverly Sackler
• Bernard and Irene Schwartz

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