Ivan Kirov

Ivan Kirov, PhD
Assistant Professor of Radiology
Center for Biomedical Imaging, Radiology, NYU School of Medicine
(212) 263 3337
(212) 263 7541
4th Floor 660 First Avenue New York, NY 10016
Educational Details: 
  • 2009 - PhD, Biomedical Sciences - Department of Physiology and Neuroscience, Sackler Institute, Graduate School of Arts and Science, NYU
  • 2002 - BS, Biological Sciences - University of California, Irvine
Research Interest: 
  • MR Spectroscopy of the brain
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Multiple Sclerosis
Selected Publications: 
  1. Kirov I, Liu S, Tal A, Wu WE, Davitz MS, Babb JS, Rusinek H, Herbert J, Gonen O. Proton MR spectroscopy of lesion evolution in Multiple Sclerosis: steady-state metabolism and its relationship to conventional imaging. Human Brain Mapping 38, 4047-4063 (2017)
  2. Kirov I, Wu WE, Davitz MS, Soher B, Huang J, Lazar M, Babb JS, Fatterpekar G, Gonen O. Global brain metabolic quantification with whole-head proton MR spectroscopy at 3 T. NMR in Biomedicine (2017) doi: 10.1002/nbm.3754
  3. Hoch SE, Kirov I, Tal A. When are metabolic ratios superior to absolute quantification? A statistical analysis. NMR in Biomedicine (2017) doi: 10.1002/nbm.3710
  4. Shepherd T, Kirov I, Charlson ER, Bruno M, Babb JS, Sodickson D, Ben Eliezer N. New rapid, accurate T2 quantification detects pathology in normal-appearing brain regions of relapsing-remitting MS patients. NeuroImage: Clinical 14, 363-370 (2017)
  5. Davitz MS, Wu WE, Soher BJ, Babb JS, Kirov I, Huang J, Fatterpekar G, Gonen O. Quantifying global-brain metabolite level changes with whole-head proton MR spectroscopy at 3 T. Magnetic Resonance Imaging 35, 15-19 (2017)
  6. Meyer EJ, Kirov I, Tal A, Davitz MS, Babb JS, Lazar M, Malaspina D, Gonen O. Metabolic abnormalities in the hippocampus of patients with Schizophrenia: a 3D multivoxel MR spectroscopic imaging study at 3 T. American Journal of Neuroradiology 37, 2273-2279 (2016)
  7. Wu X, Kirov I, Ge Y, Gonen O, Grossman RI, Lui YW. MR Imaging Applications in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: An Imaging Update. Radiology 279, 693-707 (2016)
  8. Grossman EJ, Kirov I, Gonen O, Novikov DS, Davitz MS, Lui YW, Grossman RI, Inglese M, Fieremans E. N-acetyl-aspartate levels correlate with intra-axonal compartment parameters from diffusion MRI. NeuroImage 118, 334-343 (2015)
  9. Wu WE, Tal A, Babb JS, Kirov I, George AE, Ratai EM, Gonzalez RG, Gonen O. Early glial activation precedes neurodegeneration in the cerebral cortex after SIV infection: A 3D, multivoxel proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy study. HIV Medicine 16, 381-387 (2015)
  10. Serulle Y, Rusinek H, Kirov I, Milch H, Fieremans E, Helpern J, Wisoff J, Golomb J, Gonen O, George AE. Differentiating shunt-responsive normal pressure hydrocephalus from Alzheimer disease and normal aging: pilot study using automated brain MRI tissue segmentation. Journal of Neurology 261, 1994-2002 (2014)
  11. Soher B, Wu WE, Tal A, Storey P, Zhang K, Babb JS, Kirov I, Lui YW, Gonen O. Automated whole-brain N-acetylaspartate proton MRS quantification. NMR in Biomedicine 27, 1275-1284 (2014) 
  12. Kierans A, Kirov I, Gonen O, Haemer G, Nisenbaum E, Babb J, Grossman R, Lui Y. Myoinositol and glutamate complex neurometabolite abnormality after mild traumatic brain injury. Neurology 82, 521-528 (2014)
  13. Kirov I, Hardy C, Matsuda K, Messinger J, Cankurtaran C, Warren M, Wiggins G, Perry N, Babb J, Goetz R, George A, Malaspina D, Gonen O. In vivo 7 Tesla imaging of the dentate granule cell layer in schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Research 147, 362-367 (2013)
  14. Kirov I, Tal A, Babb J, Reume J, Bushnik T, Ashman T, Flanagan S, Grossman R, Gonen O. Proton MR spectroscopy correlates diffuse axonal abnormalities with post-concussive symptoms in mild traumatic brain injury. Journal of Neurotrauma 30, 1200-1204 (2013)
  15. Wu WE, Kirov I, Tal A, Babb JS, Milla S, Oved J, Weiner H, Devinsky O, Gonen O. Brain MR spectroscopic abnormalities in "MRI-negative" tuberous sclerosis complex patients Epilepsy & Behavior 27, 319-325 (2013)
  16. Kirov I, Tal A, Babb J, Herbert J, Gonen O. Serial proton MR spectroscopy of gray and white matter in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. Neurology 80, 39-46 (2013), chosen for Editorial
  17. Wu WE, Tal A, Kirov I, Rusinek H, Charytonowicz D, Babb JS, Ratai EM, Gonzalez RG, Gonen O. Global gray and white matter metabolic changes following SIV-infection in CD8-depleted rhesus macaques: proton MR spectroscopic imaging at 3 T. NMR in Biomedicine 26, 480-488 (2013)
  18. Kirov I, Tal A, Babb J, Lui Y, Grossman R, Gonen O. Diffuse axonal injury in mild traumatic brain injury: a 3D multivoxel proton MR spectroscopy study. Journal of Neurology 260, 242-252 (2013)
  19. Tal A, Kirov I, Grossman R, Gonen O. The role of gray and white matter segmentation in quantitative proton MR spectroscopic imaging. NMR in Biomedicine 25, 1392-1400 (2012)
  20. Rigotti DJ, Inglese M, Kirov I, Gorynski E, Perry N, Babb JS, Herbert J, Grossman RI, Gonen O. Two-year serial whole-brain N-acetyl-L-aspartate in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. Neurology 78, 1383-1389 (2012)
  21. Kirov I, George I, Jayawickrama N, Babb J, Perry N, Gonen O. Longitudinal inter- and intra-individual human brain metabolic quantification over 3 years with proton MR spectroscopy at 3T. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 67, 27-33 (2012)
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  24. Kirov I, Liu S, Fleysher R, Fleysher L, Babb J, Herbert J, Gonen O. Brain metabolites proton T2 mapping at 3 Tesla in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. Radiology 254, 858-866 (2010)
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  28. Kirov I, Fleysher L, Babb J, Silver J, Grossman R, Gonen O. Characterizing ‘mild’ in Traumatic Brain Injury with proton MR Spectroscopy in the thalamus: initial findings. Brain Injury 21, 1147-1154 (2007)
  29. Klassen H, Kiilgaard JF, Zahir T, Ziaeian B, Kirov I, Scherfig E, Warfvinge K, Young, M. Progenitor cells from the porcine neural retina express photoreceptor markers after transplantation to the subretinal space of allorecipients. Stem Cells 25, 1222-1230 (2007)
  30. Schwartz PH, Nethercott H, Kirov I, Ziaeian B, Young MJ, Klassen H. Expression of neurodevelopmental markers by cultured porcine neural precursor cells. Stem Cells 23, 1286-94 (2005)
  31. Klassen HJ, Ng TF, Kurimoto Y, Kirov I, Shatos M., Coffey P, Young, MJ. Multipotent retinal progenitors express developmental markers, differentiate into retinal neurons and preserve light-mediated behavior. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 45, 4167-73 (2004)
  32. Klassen H, Ziaeian B, Kirov I, Young MJ, Schwartz PH. Isolation of retinal progenitor cells from post-mortem human tissue and comparison with autologous brain progenitors. Journal of Neuroscience Research 77, 334-43 (2004)
  33. Klassen HJ, Imfeld KL, Kirov I, Tai L, Gage FH, Young MJ, Berman MA. Expression of cytokines by multipotent neural progenitor cells. Cytokine 22, 101-6 (2003)
Research Projects: 


NIH (NIA) Alzheimer’s Disease Center NYU

Proton MR spectroscopy in pre-clinical Alzheimer's Disease

P.I.: Kirov I

Project Period: 06/01/2017 – 05/31/2018

Role: Principal Investigator

The goal of this project is to study pre-clinical Alzheimer's Disease with proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy in order to identify early injury mechanisms, novel markers and approaches, which can ultimately be used to improve the utility of imaging in the prediction and management of the disease.


NIH (NINDS) 1R01NS097494-01

Quantitative Sodium MR Imaging and Proton MR Spectroscopy in Traumatic Brain Injury

P.I.: (dual PIs) Kirov I, Madelin G

Project Period: 07/15/2016 – 04/30/2021

Role: Co-Principal Investigator

Every year over two million people suffer traumatic brain injury (TBI), which can lead to permanent neurological deficits, the biological correlates of which are often missed by conventional imaging. In this project, we use sodium MRI and proton MR spectroscopy to study a class of metabolic injury previously not investigated in TBI. The central premise is that the use of both techniques will inform about TBI pathogenesis and provide new imaging markers for the injury underlying patients’ disabilities and symptoms.


NIH (NINDS) 5U01NS093334-02

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy: Detection, Diagnosis, Course, And Risk Factors

P.I.: Stern R (Boston University)

Project Period: 12/15/2015 – 11/30/2022

Role: Co-Investigator

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is a degenerative disease of the brain caused, in part, by repeated concussive and/or subconcussive brain trauma, such as that experienced by football players and other contact-sport athletes, and by millions of athletes spanning from youth to professional levels who participate in contact sports. It is critically important to develop methods to diagnose CTE during life so that interventions can be developed for treatment and prevention, and so additional risk factors for the disease can be determined. This study will be the first multicenter study to examine possible tools for CTE diagnosis and to validate diagnostic criteria for the clinical diagnosis of this potentially preventable disease.



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We gratefully acknowledge generous support for radiology research at NYU Langone Medical Center from:
• The Big George Foundation
• Raymond and Beverly Sackler
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