Fernando E. Boada

Fernando E. Boada, PhD
Professor of Radiology
Co-Director for Basic Research, Center for Advanced Imaging Innovation & Research
Principal Investigator
4th Floor 660 First Avenue New York, NY 10016
Educational Details: 

1985 - Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela, B.S. 

1989 - Case Western University. Cleveland, Ohio , M.S.

1990 - Case Western University, Cleveland, Ohio, Ph. D.

Research Interest: 

Dr. Boada, a Professor of Radiology at NYUSOM, serves as Co-Director of the Center for Biomedical Imaging and oversees translational research efforts in the Department of Radiology. Prior to joining NYUSOM, he directed the MR Research Center at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He is a leader in the area of noncartesian data acquisition strategies, sodium imaging, and high field imaging, with research interests in neurological disease, musculoskeletal disease, and cancer. He also has a strong interest in the capabilities of combined MR and PET imaging, and was integrally involved in UPMC’s recent acquisition of an MR-PET scanner. As BTRC Co-Director, he will work closely with Dr. Sodickson in administration of the center, and will take primary responsibility for Collaborative and Service projects. He will also work with co-PI Dr. Ding to supervise the TR&D #3 research team.

Selected Publications: 

Laymon CM, Oborski MJ, Lee VK, Davis DK, Wiener EC, Lieberman FS, Boada FE, Mountz JM. Combined imaging biomarkers for therapy evaluation in glioblastoma multiforme: correlating sodium MRI and F-18 FLT PET on a voxel-wise basis. Magn Reson Imaging. 2012 Jul 20. PMID: 22819581.

Fernandez-Miranda JC, Pathak S, Engh J, Jarbo K, Verstynen T, Yeh F, Wang Y, Mintz A, Boada F, Schneider W, Friedlander R. High-Definition Fiber Tractography of the Human Brain: Neuroanatomical Validation and Neurosurgical Applications. Neurosurgery. 2012 Apr 17. In Press. PMID: 22513841.

Levy MA, Freymann JB, Kirby JS, Fedorov A, Fennessy FM, Eschrich SA, Berglund AE, Fenstermacher DA, Tan Y, Guo X, Casavant TL, Brown BJ, Braun TA, Dekker A, Roelofs E, Mountz JM, Boada F, Laymon C, Oborski M, Rubin DL. Informatics methods to enable sharing of quantitative imaging research data. Magn Reson Imaging. 2012 Jul 6. PMID: 22770688.

Imani F, Boada FE, Lieberman FS, Davis DK, Deeb EL, Mountz JM. Comparison of proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy with fluorine-18 2-fluoro-deoxyglucose positron emission tomography for assessment of brain tumor progression. J Neuroimaging. 2012 Apr;22(2):184-90. PMID: 21155917.

Fernandez-Miranda JC, Engh JA, Pathak SK, Madhok R, Boada FE, Schneider W, Kassam AB. High-definition fiber tracking guidance for intraparenchymal endoscopic port surgery. J Neurosurg. 2010 Nov;113(5):990-9. PMID: 19943732.

Sheng J, Wiener E, Liu B, Boada F, Ying L. Improved self-calibrated spiral parallel imaging using JSENSE. Med Eng Phys, 2009; 31:510-514. PMID: 19027339 PMCID 2726790.

Qian Y, Stenger VA, and Boada, FE. Parallel imaging with 3D TPI trajectory: SNR and acceleration Benefits. Magn Reson Imaging, 2009; 27:656-663. PMID 19110392.

Deng W, Yang C, Alagappan V, Waldm L, Boada FE, and Stenger VA. Simultaneous Z-Shim  Method for Reducing Susceptibility Artifacts with Multiple Transmitters. Magn Reson Med. 2009  Feb;61(2):255-9. PMID 1916588 PMID 2714643.

Laverde G, Jungreis CA, Nemoto E, and Boada FE. Sodium Time Course Using 23-Na MRI in  Reversible Focal Brain Ischemia in the Monkey. J. Magn Reson. Imag; 2009: 30: 219-223. PMID 19557742.

Yusmanov V, Kharlamov A,. Yanovski B, LaVerde G, Boada FE and Jones SC. Inhomogeneous sodium accumulation in the ischemic core in the rat focal cerebral ischemia by 23Na MRI. J. Magn. Reson. Imag; 2009: 30: 18-24. PMID 19557842 PMID 2735352.

Yusmanov V, Yanovski B, Kharlamov A, LaVerde G, Boada FE, and Jones SC. Sodium Mapping in focal cerebral ischemia in the rat by quantitative 23Na MRI. J. Magn. Reson. Imag; 2009: 29: 962- 966. PMID 19306443

Kharlamov A, LaVerde G, Nemoto E, Jungreis CA, Jones SC and Boada FE. MAP2 Immunostaining in Thick Sections for Early Ischemic Stroke Infarct Volume in Non-Human Primate Brain, Journal of Neuroscience Methods: 2009: 182(2):205-10. Epub 2009 Jun 21. PMID 19540877 PMCID 2774726

Qian Y, Williams AA, Chu CR, Boada FE. Multicomponent T2* mapping of knee cartilage: technical feasibility ex vivo. Magn Reson Med.; 2010 Nov;64(5):1426-31.PMID: 20865752

Qian Y, Zhao T, Hue YK, Ibrahim TS, Boada FE. High-resolution spiral imaging on a whole-body 7T scanner with minimized image blurring. Magn Reson Med.; 2010 Mar;63(3):543-52. PMID: 20146226


Research Projects: 

National Institutes of Health Homeostasis, Lithium and Bipolar Disorder 
In this study we seek to perform the first, concurrent, in vivo measurements of sodium ion homeostasis and BLC in BPD subjects. 

National Institutes of Health Cancer Center Support Grant-MR Core 
The University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI) is a multidisciplinary cancer research center, with programs in basic research, translational research and clinical investigations; cancer control and population sciences, early diagnosis and treatment, and behavioral medicine research. 

National Institutes of Health Longitudinal Predictors of Alcohol Dependence in Offspring from Multiplex Families 
Collaborating with PI by reviewing scans obtained and upgrade methods of data collection if needed for enhancing imaging quality and will be involved in every aspect of data analysis of the DTI scans. 

National Institutes of Health Subject-Insensitive and SNR Enhancing RF Arrays for High Field Parallel Human MRI 
The overall goal of this work is to design and implement new and novel multi-transmit RF arrays and methodologies (for operating the proposed RF arrays) that will make parallel-transmission approaches flourish in current and future MRI systems. 

National Institutes of Health Quantitative Biomarker Imaging for Early Therapy Response Assessment in Cancer 
The overall goal of this project will be to standardize PET-CT and MRI protocols to accurately and reproducibly measure imaging biomarker changes in cancer therapy trials to optimize quantitative imaging for therapy outcome prediction.

Biological Risk Factors in Relatives of Alcoholic Women 
The primary goal of this study is the longitudinal follow-up of high and low-risk child and adolescent offspring.

The Brain as Target for Pre and Essential Hypertension 
This project is designed to show that brain structure and function is altered by essential hypertension, even prior to the appearance of hypertensive levels of blood pressure. 


Academic Degree(s) (if any): 


Philanthropic Support

We gratefully acknowledge generous support for radiology research at NYU Langone Health from:
• The Big George Foundation
• Raymond and Beverly Sackler
• Bernard and Irene Schwartz

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