Two Years of PET/MR Imaging at NYU

CAI2R Researchers Speak at the 2014 Imaging with Modulated/Incomplete Data Workshop

MR-based Motion Correction Algorithms for PET


By taking advantage of simultaneity of PET/MR scanners, we have developed several techniques that overcome the limitations of physiological motion to create motion-free PET images. We directly incorporated the motion information generated from MR data into the Expectation Maximization (EM) algorithm used for PET reconstruction. The conventional EM algorithm 

was replaced by:

Dr. Kent P. Friedman's Dementia Study Receives Attention on Web Publications

Assistant Professor and Division of Nuclear Medicine Section Chief at NYUMC Department of Radiology, Dr. Kent Friedman, and his collaborators have recently received extensive attention for their diagnostic-quality PET/MRI images. The group presented their preliminary data at this year’s annual Radiological Society of North American (RSNA) conference and showed that their PET/MRI brain images have comparable clinical interpretation to ones produced by PET/CT. Their study consisted of both PET/CT and PET/MRI scans of 19 patients with clinically suspected dementia.


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