NYU at ISMRM 2015

This June, scientists from the NYU Center for Biomedical Imaging and CAI2R led educational talks, presented latest research, and exchanged ideas with about six thousand peers at the 23rd annual meeting of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) in Toronto.

Drs. Ryan Brown (left) of NYU and Ravi Menon of Western University moderated the session.">


The NYU delegation presented over 100 abstracts, in areas as diverse as RF coil design, MR safety, Diffusion, MR Fingerprinting, and many more.

NYU scientists led ten educational sessions, sharing expertise on ultra-high-field MRI, non-cartesian reconstruction, and mapping collagen structure, among others.

Three NYU post-doctoral researchers have been named ISMRM Junior Fellows: Cem Murat Deniz, Jelle Veraart, and Li Feng. According to letters from ISMRM President Jeffrey Neil, junior fellows have impressed the committee with their "track record, academic potential, and commitment." The award matches post-docs with senior ISMRM fellows in mentorships, and invites junior fellows to participate in committees.

Six NYU abstracts won summa cum laude distinctions:

  • Rapid T1 and T2 Mapping of the Hip Articular Cartilage with Radial MR Fingerprinting
    Martijn Cloos, PhD
  • Magnetic Resonance Fingerprint Compression
    Martijn Cloos, PhD
  • Five-Dimensional Cardiac and Respiratory Motion-Resolved Whole-Heart MRI
    Li Feng, PhD
  • Rapid Free-Breathing Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI Using Motion-Resolved Compressed Sensing
    Li Feng, PhD
  • Clinical Feasibility of Time-Dependent Diffusion MRI for Improved Prostate Cancer Grading
    Gregory Lemberskiy, PhD candidate
  • Noise Map Estimation in Diffusion MRI Using Random Matrix Theory
    Jelle Veraart, PhD

Five NYU abstracts won magna cum laude distinctions:

  • 3D Curved Electric Dipole Antenna for Propagation Delay Compensation
    Gang Chen, PhD candidate
  • Absolute CBV and AIF from Global Recirculation Approach
    Jeiran Jahani, PhD
  • Impact of Temporal Resolution on Diagnostic Performance of Quantitative DCE-MRI of Prostate Cancer: Evaluation Using a Novel Golden-Angle Radial Compressed-Sensing Sequence and Single Contrast Injection
    Nainesh Parikh, MD
  • In Vivo and Ex Vivo Characterization of Extracellular Space (ECS) in Mouse GBM Using PGSE and OGSE
    Olivier Reynaud, PhD
  • Surface to Volume Ratio Mapping of Mouse GBM Using OGSE
    Olivier Reynaud, PhD



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