CAI2R Researchers Speak at the 2014 Imaging with Modulated/Incomplete Data Workshop

Two of CAI2R's research scientists, Riccardo Otazo, PhD and Florian Knoll, PhD, will be presenting at the 2014 Imaging with Modulated/Incomplete Data Workshop in Graz, Austria. The workshop brings together scientists interested in using sophisticated reconstruction techniques to intergrate into faster image acqusitions methods as well as to overcome imaging processing problems. 

Florian Knoll will be giving a presentation on "Simultaneous MR-PET Reconstruction with Multi-Sensor Compressed Sensing," where he will discuss the use of compressed sensing to explore the capabilities of joint-sparsity for multi-modality reconstruction. 

Riccardo Otazo will discuss how compressed sensing and low matrix completion can be combined to improve imaging speed in his talk entitled "Low Rank Plus Sparse (L+S) Matrix Reconstruction for Accelerated Dynamic MRI".

For a more in-depth reading on their work, please take a look at the research projects page.




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