Siemens Biograph mMR 3T (CBI)

The Biograph mMR 3T is Siemens' fully integrated MR-PET scanner. The 3T MR and PET components allow for simultaneous acquisition with both modalities.






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The Siemens MAGNETON 7 Tesla scanner, currently housed at CBI, is the 2nd 7T scanner installed in the United States and the only 7T human system in the New York area. It is equipped with 32 receiver channels and 8 transmit channels and a new 32-channel parallel transmission system developed in collaboration with Analogic is also available on site.






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Siemens MAGNETOM Skyra 3T (CBI and CMC)

The Skyra 3 Tesla scanners are Siemens’ top of the line 3T models. The Skyra system located at 660 First Avenue is currently equipped with a prototype clinical 2-channel parallel transmission system.





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Siemens MAGNETOM Aera 1.5T (CMC)

The MAGNETOM Aera is a wide-bore system that features Tim4G and Dot technology. It is also currently, the newest and most advanced 1.5T scanner in Siemens' MAGNETOM family. The configuration at the Center for Musculoskeletal Care (CMC) has been specifically tailored to meet all requirements of orthopedic and neurological imaging.





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Siemens MAGNETOM Avanto 1.5T (2x CBI and Tisch)

The MAGNETOM Avanto has become the benchmark in fast imaging at 1.5T and covers a huge range of applications at highest image quality.








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Siemens MAGNETOM Prisma 3T (CBI)

The Prisma 3 Tesla scanner features 64 receive channels, Tim4G integrated receive architecture, and outstanding gradient performance (80 mT/m @ 200 T/m/s simultaneously, on all three axes). The Prisma also has multinuclear capability. The specifications make it a cutting edge clinical imaging machine as well as an excellent research platform. The scanner is located at 660 First Avenue.





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Siemens Somatom Definition Edge CT (Tisch)

 The Siemen's Somatom Definition Edge system is a single source CT that can produce 0.5 mm image slices with spatial resolution of up to 0.30mm. The scanner's high temporal resolution allows for high resolution images with less radiation exposure.





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Siemens Biograph mCT (CC)

 The Siemens Biograph mCT system is our PET-CT scanner. It can provide a whole body PET-CT imaging in ~10 minutes. 






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Bruker Biospec Avance-2 animal MR (Skirball)

The Biospec Avance-2 animal MR is a 7T scanner equipped with high performance gradients and a comprehensive set of probes and pulse sequences.







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Siemens Inveon small animal micro-PET/CT (Skirball)

The Inveon Small animal micro-PET/CT system is aimed for single animal scanning with a ~1.4 mm spatial resolution, a transaxial Field of view of 10.0 cm and 12.7 cm in the axial direction that can extend up to 50 cm through continuous bed motion.







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Fortus 360mc 3D Printer (CBI)

The RF lab houses a 3D printer that provides the capability to build a wide-range of functional MRI compatible devices. We print anatomically-correct and aesthetically-pleasing RF coil formers, which enhance patient comfort and image quality. We also generate custom MRI phantoms that are utilized to benchmark novel RF coils, pulse sequences, and image reconstruction algorithms. Finally, based on clinical imaging data, we print anatomical structures that are used to guide surgeons in pre-surgical planning.


Time-Lapse Video of Printing a Head Holder



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