Giselle Suero, alumna

"frequent collaboration ... great environment"

The program is great for people interested in biomedical engineering and development of imaging coils and sequences. It’s also great for biology and MD/PhD students interested in using in vivo imaging to answer biological questions. There is frequent collaboration between physicists, biomedical scientists, and clinicians, and this creates a great environment for anyone pursuing a PhD in these fields. 

Manushka Vaidya, 5th year

"students work closely with core faculty"

While the facilities are breathtaking here, what makes the program spectacular are the people and the department’s unique structure. PIs from different labs, radiologists, and post-docs collaborate projects, and students work closely with core faculty. Students also help each other, and the department is like a family. I feel fortunate to be a part of it.

Gregory Lemberskiy, 3rd year

"seemingly impossible research efforts are followed through to completion"

Since I joined NYU’s biomedical imaging department, I have seen many ambitious and seemingly impossible research efforts are followed through to completion. Hectic late night hours in validation and sequence development do pay off and quickly translate into routine exams for all incoming patients. PI's here are all leaders in their fields nad have big drems for the future of MR.

Leeor Alon, alumnus

"close relationship among the students and professors"  

It's a great working environment. We have world-renown MRI experts to bouce ideas off, and the close relationship among students and professors allows us to work on developing cutting edge methods on a daily basis. Close relationship with physicians allows us to translate these methods into clinical applications. It's a unique environment—one of the best in the field.

Kamila Szulc, alumna

"classes taught by experts in the field"

I strongly recommend the Biomedical Imaging program at the Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences. No matter what academic background you have, classes taught by experts in the field will give you a solid foundation, deep understanding, and broad overview of MRI methods. Class size is small and faculty are very accessible. Don't worry if you're uncertain which lab to join at first; First year will give you a fantastic overview of the cutting edge research done at NYU, and lab rotations will help you zero in on what most stirs your interest.


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