Henry Rusinek

Henry Rusinek
Professor of Radiology and Mathematics
212 263-6537
Department of Radiology 550 First Avenue New York, NY 10016
Educational Details: 

1969   B.S.              Physics & Mathematics      Faculty of Science, Univ. Paris, France

1969   E.E.              Computer Science              University of Paris, France

1971   M.A.              Mathematics                     Yeshiva University

1975   Ph.D.            Mathematics                      Yeshiva University

Research Interest: 

1. Noninvasive in vivo method for measurement of tissue perfusion

The measurement of tissue perfusion and its vascular reserve with SPECT and PET is limited by factors such as its invasive nature, exposure to ionizing radiation, and low spatial resolution. Arterial spin labeling is a new perfusion technique that uses MRI with magnetically labeled arterial blood water as a diffusible tracer. Currently, arterial spin labeling methods are based on echo planar imaging, which is prone to severe signal loss and image distortions. We’re perfecting and validating a distortion free, high-resolution variant of arterial spin labelingthat promises to yield an accurate, non-invasive and practical tool for assessing tissue perfusion.

2. Software for analysis of functional MR, CT, PET & SPECT images

A critical factor for the success of diagnostic imaging is an integrated data processing software which makes it possible to analyze dynamic imaging data in an efficient way. Together with Artem Mikheev, Computer Scientist and Senior Application Developer in the Department of Radiology, we have started the FireVoxel project. FireVoxel is a software for medical image analysis, with emphasis on efficient processing of dynamic acquisitions. FireVoxel pipeline begins with the intelligent interpretation of digital files (DICOM files); it proceeds to automated image coregistration and segmentation. Using numerous validated functional models, we then fit tissue parameters to measured data. The process concludes with multi-dimensional display and statistical analyses of results. .


Selected Publications: 

Ko JP, Rusinek H, Naidich DP, McGuinness G, Rubinowitz AN, Leitman BS, Martino JM. Wavelet compression of low-dose chest CT: effect on lung nodule detection. Radiology  228(1): 70-75, 2003.

Ko JP, Rusinek H, Jacobs E, Babb JS, Betke M, McGuinness G, Naidich DP. Small pulmonary nodules: volume measurement at chest CT--phantom study. Radiology  228: 864-870, 2003.

Rusinek H, De Santi S, Frid D, Tsui W-H, Tarshish C, Convit A, de Leon MJ. Regional Brain Atrophy Rate Predicts Future Cognitive Decline: 6-year Longitudinal MR Imaging Study of Normal Aging. Radiology 229(3):  691–696, 2003.  * Commended in an Editorial:  Fox NC, Schott JM. Imaging cerebral atrophy: normal ageing to Alzheimer’s disease. Lancet 363: 392–94, 2004.

Huang AJ, Lee VS, Rusinek H. MR imaging of renal function. Radiologic Clinics of North America 41(5):1001-1017, 2003.

Wolkin A, Rusinek H. A neuropathology of psychosis? The Lancet 361(9354):270-1, 2003.

de Leon MJ, DeSanti S, Zinkowski R, Mehta PD, Pratico D, Segal S, Clark C, Kerkman D, DeBernardis J, Li J, Lair L, Reisberg B, Tsui WH, Rusinek H. MRI and CSF studies in the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. Journal of Internal Medicine 256(3), 205-222, 2004.

Rusinek H, Kaur M, Lee VS. Renal magnetic resonance imaging. Current Opinion in Nephrology & Hypertension  13(6):667-673, 2004.

Abele MG, Rusinek H Permanent conical magnet for interventional magnetic resonance imaging. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 40(5): 3382–3386, 2004.

Rusinek H, Endo Y, De Santi S, Frid D, Tsui W-H, Segal S, Convit A, de Leon MJ. Atrophy rate in medial temporal lobe during progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Neurology 63(12), 2354-2359, 2004.

Pandharipande PV, Krinsky GA, Rusinek H, Lee VS. Perfusion imaging of the liver: current challenges and future goals. Radiology  234(3):661-73, 2005.

Inglese M, Bomsztyk E, Gonen O, Mannon LJ, Grossman RI, Rusinek H. Dilated Perivascular Spaces: Hallmark of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. AJNR Am J Neuroradiology 26(4), 719-724, 2005.

Mosconi L, Tsui W-H, De Santi S, Li J, Rusinek H, Convit A, Li Y, Boppana M, de Leon MJ. Reduced hippocampal metabolism in MCI and AD. Neurology 64:1860-1867, 2005.

Ko JP, Chang J, Bomsztyk E, Babb JS, Naidich DPO, Rusinek H. Effect of CT Image Compression on Computer-assisted Lung Nodule Volume Measurement. Radiology 237(1):83-8, 2005.

Fefferman NR, Bomsztyk E, Yim AM, Rivera R, Amodio JB, Pinkney LP, Strubel NA, Noz ME. Rusinek H. Appendicitis in children: low-dose CT with a phantom-based simulation technique--initial observations. Radiology 237(2):641-6,2005.

Glodzik-Sobanska L, Rusinek H, Mosconi L, Li Y, Zhan J, de Santi S, Convit A, Rich K, Brys M, de Leon MJ. The Role of Quantitative Structural Imaging in the Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease. Neuroimaging Clinics of North America. 15(4):803-26, 2005.

Song T, Lee VS, Rusinek H, Kaur M, Laine AF. Automatic 4-D Registration in Dynamic MR Renography Based on Over-complete Dyadic Wavelet and Fourier Transforms, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 3749, pp. 205-213, 2005.

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Rosovsky M. Rusinek H. Dose-related nephrotoxicity. Radiology. 240(2):614, 2006.

Song T, Lee VS, Rusinek H, Wong S, Laine AF. Integrated four dimensional registration and segmentation of dynamic renal MR images. Medical Image Computing & Computer-Assisted Intervention: MICCAI. 9:758-65, 2006. PMID: 17354841.

Mosconi L, Brys M, Glodzik-Sobanska L, De Santi S, Rusinek H, de Leon MJ. Early detection of Alzheimer's disease using neuroimaging. Experimental Gerontology. 42(1-2):129-38, 2007.

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Taouli B, R. Johnson S, Hajdu C, Oei MTH, Merad M, Yee H, Rusinek H. Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Perfusion Quantification with DCE-MRI. AJR 2013 (in press).


Research Projects: 

NIH (NIA) 2R01 AG012101

MRI Progression Markers of Cognitive Decline in the Elderly.

P.I.:  (dual P.I.s) de Leon MJ, Rusinek H  

9/15/10  – 7/31/2015

Role: Principal Investigator


NIH/NIA 2R01 AG022374

Biomarkers in Early Alzheimer’s Disease

P.I.:  (dual P.I.s)  de Leon, M.J, Rusinek H   

9/30/10 – 11/30/

Role: Principal Investigator


NIH (NHLBI) 1 R01 HL111724-01

Blood pressure, cerebral perfusion and cognitive outcome in hypertension.

P.I.:  Glodzik L                              

9/1/2011  – 8/31/2016                  

Role: co-investigator


NIH (NIDDKD) R01 DK064087-06A1

Diabetes, Cognition and the Brain.

P.I.:  Convit A, MD

9/01/09 - 8/31/14

Role: co-investigator


NIH (NIA) P30 AG08051

The Alzheimer’s Disease Center Grant.

P.I.:Ferris SH

08/20/1990 - 4/30/2015

Role: co-PI of neuroimaging core


NIH (NIA) U01 AG024904

Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (multicenter grant).

P.I.:  Weiner M


Role: co-investigator


NIH R01 DK88375

MRI of Renal Function in Cirrhosis

P.I.:  Lee VS                      

06/01/10 - 05/31/15

Role: NYU subcontract P.I.


NIH Grand Opportunities program

Imaging Neuroinflammation in Alzheimer Disease with 11C-radiolabelled Arachidonic Acid & PET

P.I.:  Leon MJ and Vallabhajosula S (multiple PIs)

Role co-investigator


NIH (NIA) R01 AG013616

Detecting Alzheimer Disease Pathology in Healthy Aging.

P.I.:  de Leon MJ


Role: co-investigator


NIH (NCRR) R37 NS29029

Quantitative MR imaging and proton spectroscopy in Multiple Sclerosis.

P.I.: Grossman RI


Role:  co-investigator

Additional Information: 

1982-84   Biomedical Instrumentation, Chair, New York Academy of Sciences

1983-87   University Committee on Research, Member, City University of NY

1985        Ph.D. Committee, Computer Science PhD Program, Graduate Center of CUNY

1986        Faculty Award, Queens College of the CUNY

1986        Computer Science Panel, Permanent Member, National Science Foundation

1987-90   Pegasus Project, Co-Director, NYUMC Radiology Dept & Phillips Medical

1997       Promotion and Tenure Committee, External Advisor, SUNY Stony Brook

1998       Task Group on Biomedical Computing, Member, IBM

1998-      Review panel, Member, Alzheimer’s Association

1999-      Co-director, Neuroimaging Core, AD Center, NYUSM

2004-8    Clinical Neuroscience and Disease Study Section, ad hoc, NIH

2005-      Data & Publications Committee, Member, Alz Disease Neuroimaging Initiative

2005-      Positron Emission Tomography, Member, Alz Disease Neuroimaging Initiative

2006-09  Program Committee, Member, ISMRM

2007       Ph.D. Committee, Member, Columbia University School of Engineering

2008-     Pennsylvania Department of Health’s CURE program, Review Committee

2009-      Ph.D. Committee, Sackler Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences

2011-     Search Committee, Chairman, Epidemiology and Biostatistics


Reviewer for:  Radiology, Lancet, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, ISMRM, Medical Physics, Investigative Radiology, American Journal of Neuroradiology, Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography, IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, Journal of  Nuclear Medicine, MAGMA, Neuroimage

18 patents in biomedical interumentation and image analysis


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